“Polaroid” With Jang Nara’s Cameo Appearance Will Be Shown On July 9


Actress Jang Na-ra will make a cameo appearance in the up-coming movie “Polaroid“. Her agency 3HW announced Friday that Jang, will play in the first film directed by her father Ju Ho-seong. In a joint movie production between Korea and China, Jang, 32, plays the part of the teacher to the main character Su-ho, played by Kim Tae-yong. “I was attracted to the role of a teacher who cares for her student in trouble. But I also have to confess that it was good to support my dad in his work,” said Jang. The movie is about a single mother with a terminally ill son who meets a Chinese man with similar, painful memories. The movie will be released concurrently in Korea and China on July 9, 2015.

Her latest drama “Mister Baek” has just finished airing last December 25, 2014 and after that she had not been very active because of her rest days.  She had just been in an event called Cheerful Cat Fest which happens annually.  Her upcoming drama I Remember You will be aired on KBS2 starting June 22, Mondays and Tuesdays, 10 PM to 11 PM KST. Here’s the trailer for the movie “Polaroid” that was being uploaded on Jang Nara’s official YouTube account narajjangdotcom:

credits: The Korea Times pic credits: Newsen, 10Asia, JNR DC


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