[COLLECTIONS] Jang Nara’s 12 Mannerisms That Make Her The Way She Is

1.  Playing With Her Tongue.  Not because she is like a dog.  She is just used to being so dorky all the time. :p


2038688611_057a433d_03e  2950639727_41da95ec_2014EC97B0EAB8B0EB8C80EC8381ECB59CEC9AB0EC8898EC8381


2.  Make faces.  Our Nara-ssi is a versatile actress.  To be able to be a successful actress, she should be able to take different types of roles.  One practice is to achieve different types of faces that accord to such scenes.


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3.  Take photos of her feet.  Everything is pretty explained in the pictures.

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4.  Being very polite.  Born and raised in the Land of The Courteous is no joke.  One should be very polite to every stranger, regardless of the age.  One way to pay respects to another is by bowing.  Our Nara-ssi seems to bow to everyone even to persons of the same age as hers.


5.  Scare people.  Yes.  I know she is not that scary.  But be wary, she might be jumping off from a dark corner without you knowing.

3543101496_2153e276_2012052207431773653_1 3543101496_5726fa80_25C025E5163434254768 3543101496_02813251_25C025E51467657458 3543101496_a4f41df0_1121153837_bbbbb tumblr_ngnp85ZkRR1tetlqbo1_400

6.  Always looking at the mirror.  The secret to being pretty and bab-faced all the time?  Always look at the mirror and always be conscious at your appearance.



7.  Showing one side of her face.  I think she is just too shy to show the whole of her face.


8.  Stretching her arms.  Our Nara-ssi is always fit and healthy physically and mentally.


9.  Doing V-signs.  Well, no other explanations.  Everyone pretty does this.


10.  Eat.  Nara-ssi is a magician.  She eats so much, but stays slim.  She told once in an interview that if there ever was a fridge inside her bedroom, she would just open it and stay there while eating everything inside of it.


11.  Doing thumbs-up’s.  There’s never more all right than making “OK” sign.

collage1123123123 z87gBeo



12.  Sleep.  She does not have time to do this, so it became one of her mannerisms.  She sleeps in her free time almost everywhere, in between filming sets, in tour vans, on couches, everywhere.  She can also sleep while standing.

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pics and gifs cr: rightful owners via Jang Nara DC, narajjang.com


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I am your average, friendly neighborhood ahjussi who posts everything about our Nara-ssi. :)
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2 Responses to [COLLECTIONS] Jang Nara’s 12 Mannerisms That Make Her The Way She Is

  1. Bau says:

    Hello there!
    What’s dorky mean? Can you explain that word for me? Thanks!

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