14 Jang Na Ra’s Different Hairstyles!


Wow, our Jang Na Ra has been in a number of different dramas, Korean and Chinese! Because of her baby-faced appearance and younger-looking, any kind of hairstyle suits her just fine.  Let’s take a look at her different hairstyles that she has gone through from her TV dramas.

1. Straight Blonde Hair With Bangs On Side (New Non Stop, 2001)


cr: murashoko

Here in this sitcom from MBC, Nara shows the perks of a college student inside a dorm.  In most of the episodes, we see her with her straight blonde hair with a little bit of bangs on the side of her forehead.  She can also be seen tying it up in a ponytail.


cr: JNR DC

2. Blonde with Ponytails (Successful Story Of A Bright Girl, 2002)


cr: JNR DC

Our Jang Na Ra went with the junior high school student look with her blonde hair and tied to two ponytails.  Totally suits to her appearance since she has baby-faced look.  Everybody can easily mistaken her to be a real junior high school student.  When she started working in the drama, she went let down her hair with hairpins on both sides.

3. Straight Blonde Let-Down Hair (My Love Patzzi, 2002)


cr: JNR DC

Now we see our Jang Na Ra letting down her straight hair, on both sides without bangs exposing her forehead.  She really looks like a doll here.  I personally think that she has the blondiest hair here.


cr: murashoko

4. Straight Blonde Let-Down Hair / Wavy Blonde Hair (Love Is All Around, 2004)

cr: JNR DC

Now, she’s back with her junior high school look, but this time, no ponytails.  Just like from My Love Patzzi, she let down her straight blonde hair.  Later on in the drama, hair became wavy all over.

5. Fancy Chinese Traditional Hairstyle (My Bratty Princess, 2005)

cr: watermarks via JNR DC

Now our Jang Na Ra has change her hair from blonde to black.  Because back in Qing Dynasty, you will never see someone with blonde hair.  I call this fancy hairstyle because of the ridiculous amount of waves and loops on her hair as a princess.  She can be seen with her hair tied up to a Chinese hairpin while dressed as a man.

6. Blonde Hair With Short Wavy Bangs / Shoulder-Length Black Hair (Wedding, 2005)


cr: JNR DC

Now she’s back with her usual blonde hair.  This time, her hair is always tied up with short bangs on the side of her forehead, showing her neck and shoulders.  Later on, she changed her hairstyle to a little bit wavy black hair, stating that she wanted to changer for her significant other.


cr: JNR DC

7. Blonde Puffy Short Hair (Baby-Faced Beauty, 2011)


cr: JNR DC

To emphasize the baby-faced look on her face, she cut her hair for the drama and made it so very short, neck-length hair that made it very puffy.


cr: watermarked via JNR DC

8. Professional Hairstyle, Shoulder-Length Hair With Short Bangs (School 2013, 2012)



cr: JNR DC

Now she’s back with her black hair with highlights.  She tied up her shoulder-length hair with wavy bangs on the side of her forehead to give a professional look of a professor.


cr: JNR DC

9. Short, Chinese Traditional Curled Hair (Red Sedan Chair, 2013)

cr: narajjang.com

This is just a wig.  And she looked so cute on that hairstyle.

10. Black Shoulder-Length Wavy Hair (Fated To Love You, 2014)

cr: JNR DC

In this drama, she went with let-down hair with very wavy ends.  Later on as she changed her name from Kim Mi Young to Ellie Kim, she tied a little bit of her hair at the back and revealed her neck a little bit.


cr: LikeMoa

11. Natural Wavy Black Hair (Old Goodbye, 2014)


cr: JNR DC

Nothing too fancy here.  This is her natural hair, but only wavy just like from Fated To Love You.  She can be seen with her hair tied to a ponytail.


cr: JNR DC

12. Straight Hair With Short Wavy Bangs / With Ponytail / With Long Bangs (Mr. Baek, 2014)


cr: LikeMoa

Unlike Nara’s last two dramas, she has now full black hair, fairly long hair that is let down with bangs on the side of her forehead.  When she’s at work, she tied it up into a ponytail, giving a look of a snappy hotel employee.


cr: LikeMoa

She can also be seen with just her natural hair with lots of bangs on her forehead when she’s at home.


cr: LikeMoa

13. Shoulder-Length Wavy Blonde Hair (I Remember You, 2015)


cr: KBS Website

Now she cut her hair again and went with the wavy, blonde shoulder-length hair.  She can also be seen with a ponytail and her bangs on both sides of her face during action scenes.


cr: KBS Website

Later on, it became shorter and she puts her hair at the back of her ears.



cr: H.Y via JNR DC

14. Very Long Wavy Hair (One More Happy Ending, 2016)


cr: byeolnara via JNR DC

This time she has very long black hair with highlights, possibly with extensions.  She can be seen tying it into a ponytail when she’s at home.


cr: byeolnara via JNR DC

That’s all, folks!  Please comment below if ever I missed out on anything.  I hope you enjoy this post. ☺


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