Filipino Fans Can Send Donations For Jang Nara’s Upcoming MBC Drama!


photo by: Hyeon

Hello, Filipino Narajjangs! I’ve already set up my Globe GCash and I’m now ready to receive your payments for donations to Nara’s upcoming drama. Please be reminded that there is no limit as to how much you can give, but please be reasonable for the amount of your donations~☺☺☺

If you’re interested in sending your donations, just PM me here!~☺

DISCLAIMER: We’re not forcing everyone to send your donations, but it would be so cool and awesome to help our princess Jang Nara-ssi for her future endeavors; she has given us total entertainment with her baby-faced beauty and her top-notch acting so it’s best to give back~☺

*Why are we donating to Nara? Is she getting poor?
ANSWER: Absolutely not, that’s the Asian superstition of giving luck to others. Similar to Filipino weddings, ang ginagawa natin nagsasabit tayo ng pera sa damit ng bagong kasal, di ba parang mas sayang ang pera natin dun HAHA joke lang~ :p That’s just how we are going to do. We are giving money to buy flower wreaths and stacks of ricebags to our idol. Diba napapansin nyo sa mga presscon ng Korean dramas, me mga flower wreaths na malalaki? Those are given by fans, for good luck to the drama’s success.

*What do we get after donating?  AngelJJangNara and Tieba Baidu (2 of the largest Chinese Nara fansites, Naravod is just one of their subordinates who are always updated about Nara, they also have connections to Nara’s staff) have agreed that only their names will be written on the flower wreaths (like the one in the photo above), but everyone who sent their payments (including tayo) will have their names written on it too, individually. I don’t know how that works pero yun ang sabi nila.

*When’s the deadline of your donations? AllAbout JangNara​ (Jang Nara Singapore) told me that all payments should be in before Xmas eve, so that means we shoud be able to send our payments to them probably on the first week or 2nd week of December. Kapag may sobra sa donations natin, they will go straight to Nara’s future events! So more events, more Nara photos!!~☺☺☺

If you have any questions, just pm me!! Send na tayo donations!~ 😀

Please click here for some more details about donations for Nara’s upcoming MBC Drama, “One More Happy Ending”.  This is prepared by my dearest chingu and fellow Narajjang from SG, All About Jang Nara!~ A very big thanks to All About Jang Nara for making us a part of this very awesome and cool movement! 🙂


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