[September 2015 – Singles] Jang Nara, an ordinary woman – Interview

Here’s the english translation for Nara’s interview from Singles Korea Mag!~ ^^

The Sunny Town

Singles - Jang Nara

It’s been 14 years since your debut, but I have no memory of reading one of your interviews.
I don’t do many interviews. It’s not because I have a specific reason. It’s because I have nothing to talk about. I’m an ordinary and boring person. My close friends all put it like this. They say “you’re really no fun”.

An ordinary woman can’t become an actress. Why do you think of you as an ordinary person?
When I work, I do self-hypnosis to become someone special. However, the Jang Nara who isn’t acting is a very ordinary person. There isn’t one specific field I’m interested in. I was born with a boring and uninteresting personality. Ever since I was a kid… How should I put it? I’ve been “bland” [t/n: I think the word she uses can be translated as “flavorless”]

You worked in China for a long time. I…

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One Response to [September 2015 – Singles] Jang Nara, an ordinary woman – Interview

  1. Drama Fan says:

    She calls herself boring? But she is so adorable! I wish she knew that.

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