[07142015] “I Remember You” EP.8 Screencaps

web_1937688628_7ba9fe36 web_1937688628_5d52525cweb_1937688628_714dac68  web_1937688628_26ed086b web_1937688628_dcd138a9 web_1937688628_e58a4a6aweb_1937688628_5f78ff48 web_1937688628_b7596508 web_1937688628_a03ebc80web_237732121_39030b76  web_1937688628_4f16c22e web_1937688628_736d203c web_3698989145_853cf112 web_3698989145_053caf84 238438274_92c54e861 2 3 3731408086_17f316b9web_1937688628_a5495f63web_1937688628_70f0ddd6     web_1937688628_230d9d53238438274_6e2c66773731408086_f4951dec 3731408086_7522617a 3731408086_e31a137dweb_237732121_b31d7a643731408086_653ed444238438274_60e85e6a   2105988590_6af32a54web_3743529058_0b22482f_IMG_20150714_233909

cr: JNR_R, H.Y. via JNR DC


About HanKiTae

I am your average, friendly neighborhood ahjussi who posts everything about our Nara-ssi. :)
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One Response to [07142015] “I Remember You” EP.8 Screencaps

  1. Jas says:

    Hello~ I would like to ask you. Do u have any item about the bag the female lead is using? They are found in the photos u posted, the first 3 pic


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