[07132015] “I Remember You” EP.7 Screencaps

1937688628_477414deweb_237732121_7a0cdb2dweb_237732121_86958a00web_237732121_52d74c36web_237732121_a774d01b web_237732121_1bf705d7 web_237732121_03bf529e web_237732121_6b61ea29 web_237732121_6dd13c2c web_237732121_a2596f1dweb_237732121_9ba59862 web_237732121_a8d48506  web_237732121_bd746168 web_1914612770_2570c62aweb_1914612770_64ac65ff  web_1914612770_a3df1d15 web_1914612770_b3cb61b0 web_1914612770_ef9775bb web_1937688628_2c0560c1 web_1937688628_d5049764web_1937688628_16ed0ea6 web_1937688628_17e24628  web_237732121_639b9714 (1)web_1937688628_35e175bbweb_1937688628_c346d17e web_1937688628_dc02a55dweb_1937688628_66f75711 web_1937688628_93ecdde9 web_1937688628_b83ef18f web_1937688628_c00be28b   web_1937688628_21af3a21

cr: JNR_R and others via JNR DC

About HanKiTae

I am your average, friendly neighborhood ahjussi who posts everything about our Nara-ssi. :)
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