[07062015] “I Remember You” EP.5 Screencaps

1935650979_8a2556c5 1935650979_44355956 1948325971_2fc2a3c1_3745431072_b4e21111_Download_2015_07_06_23_33_22 1948325971_8f4f2cd1_3731408086_b2a872b0 3660837057_1bafdbd0 3660837057_cb6b7137 web_237581694_524d59a6 web_1937688628_bed7ed7d web_1937688628_db491e96 web_1948325971_dab3ae9d_Screenshot_2015-07-07-00-28-38web_1948325971_4ce330ad_Screenshot_2015-07-07-00-29-04  web_1948325971_6900f086_Screenshot_2015-07-07-00-29-07 web_1948325971_9573f291_Screenshot_2015-07-07-00-29-24 web_1948325971_67351f43_Screenshot_2015-07-07-00-29-48 web_1948325971_75788651_web_1937688628_22321670 web_1948325971_792a0500_web_2039533748_cf99618b

cr: JNR DC and IRY DC


About HanKiTae

I am your average, friendly neighborhood ahjussi who posts everything about our Nara-ssi. :)
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One Response to [07062015] “I Remember You” EP.5 Screencaps

  1. Awe, best episode 5!

    Liked by 1 person

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