[ENG] ‘I Remember You’ Team (a complete profile)

Team EngGuk for Seo In Guk (서인국)

Through one another they find their own identities: ‘Through you I will find my identity’

“A romantic thriller about a dangerous man and the woman who stalks him. They hide their own feelings while solving crimes and being at war with each other.  Inevitably they fall in love and heal each other”

A dangerous boy !

A boy branded as a monster and a ‘latent murderer’ by his own father’s judgment.  The father tries to protect the boy from the world and the world from the boy.  In order to do so, he isolates his own son from the world.

The boy who was isolated in this way comes back into the world still dangerous but now as sexy as he is dangerous.

There was a girl who was suspicious of the boy.

The suspicion leads her to watch this boy closely and it becomes her habit.. and eventually she becomes his stalker…

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