Jang Nara Has No Surprising Results On ‘How Old’ App!

The “How Old” App is highly popular this days!  This app tells your age by uploading any photo to it and guesses your gender and your age based on facial features.  Jang Nara fans tried it on Jang Nara, and had, well, no surprising results. 😉

 web_1889012998_6b0b731e_Screenshot_2015-05-02-00-06-54 web_1889012998_2b875ce4_Screenshot_2015-05-02-00-02-20  web_1889012998_6de6035e_Screenshot_2015-05-02-00-01-47web_1889012998_9aeab534_Screenshot_2015-05-02-00-05-40 web_1889012998_441aa354_Screenshot_2015-05-02-00-07-52

3690604827_351ba971 3690604827_bdeb0e45 3690604827_ff49e6c2

You can try your own photos by visiting here! 🙂

credits: Jang Nara DC

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I am your average, friendly neighborhood ahjussi who posts everything about our Nara-ssi. :)
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