Jang Nara Preparing For Her Upcoming Chinese Movie “Daughter Of The Orient”

Last week, we are panicking about this photo which was shared by ‘s Instagram… 10385382_10152885945988602_4446203298947531337_n Turns out that Jang Nara is preparing for her upcoming Chinese movie  “东方女儿国” (Daughter of The Orient).  There is no release date yet for this movie.  Please stay tuned for more updates for this movie and for her upcoming KBS drama “I Remember You” as well! 🙂

img_1_m img_2_m

10424237_805347782884881_5084748706260047810_n 10689457_805347732884886_8731656837968863419_n 11069520_805347762884883_2544848793121868344_n 11204893_805347736218219_7886266369869738956_n

Photos credit: weibo via Shoko

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