“I Remember You” Character Role Descriptions


Expect Chemistry from Jang Nara and Seo In Guk in “I Remember You”

(translated roughly from unreliable google translate)
Seo In Guk:  An investigator who is very good in analyzing crime scenes, also very attractive.  Likes to risk his life to investigate even the most notorious crimes.  He has an ability to know people at first glance.  He does not care about what others think, he just wants to work alone.  Lonely, but dangerous man.
Jang Nara:  A Police Constabulary from Central Government who has stylish image, wears civilian clothes to blend in with everyone to catch criminals easily.
Lee Chun Hee: A Police investigator who has good background, son of a wealthy family, studied abroad, but with annoying character.  I don’t know, I’m not sure. 😀
Choi Won Young:  An Investigator who specializes in Science division.  He investigates using science, duh, you know, with some chemicals and stuff.  😀 He has childhood friends, family, etc. with no particular historical figures.
EXO D.O.:  Seo In Guk’s lost memories.  His flashbacks.  From what I heard, he only appears in EP 1 and EP 2.

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