[MOVIE REVIEW] “Flying With You” – Watch Now, Explain Later


This movie is like a broken glass that was fixed together to make a totally different glass.  I think it was broken down and the video editor did not put everything in chronological order, e.g. 1-5-2-4-3.

Flying With You (一起飞) one of the movies that I had to watch twice to understand.  This 2012 movie showcases the “plot twist” feature that any type of Asian drama or movie has.  This is actually well-made – stunning visuals and great cinematography.  I’m not surprised if they’re gonna tell us about the budget they used; you can just tell by the Apple products they’ve been using in the movie.  I also liked how the story is so fast-paced –  just like what I wanted, unlike other movies that you have to call me back from the bathroom because it is now in the climax.

Now, what is this “Watch Now, Explain Later” policy that I’m talking about in the title of this movie review?  Well, basically it means what you think it means.  The movie used something that in film terminology called “title cards”, telling the audience what had happened 3 months later, 6 months ago, then 12 months later.  It was really well made if you look at it clearly.


Jang Nara plays He Qianqian a.k.a. Baby, a daughter of a wealthy corporate character played by, well, who else, her real father (Ju Ho-Seong).  Now, we are well-aware that this is a Chinese movie, and this was the first time that Nara wasn’t dubbed by a Chinese voice over like what it usually was in her Chinese TV dramas.  She really spoke Chinese Mandarin for the whole movie, and her line in one particular scene where she actually says “I grew up in Korea” explains right away her accent when she speaks.  For non-Chinese speakers like me, she sounded weird when she speaks in Chinese and she also speak slowly.  Now that shows the hardships Nara has been through.


Jeremy Lin plays Xu Yi Fan, an ex-special forces member who specializes in paragliding.  He spends most of his life testing his inventions in gliding alongside his best friend played by comedian Xiao Jian, who provides comic relief throughout the movie.  Always keeps his cool, he knows everything in self-survival, as it was his training back in the army.

The movie started with the part before the climax, so the beginning of the movie is already intense.  It started out Baby crying over Xu Yi Fan’s belongings, telling us that Xu Yi Fan had died.  Then, a title card flashes in a rewinding tape manner, explaining months ago about the characteristics of Baby and Xu Yi Fan respectively.  Baby was introduced to a rich bum who only thinks of wealth and it was planned that they will marry.  Meanwhile, Xu Yi Fan is testing his latest motorized glider.  Some minutes later, the two ended up in the forest, after a hard crash from the glider that they’re on.  The two managed to survive together, while a woman who was also an ex-special force member was waiting for them to rescue Baby from Xu Yi Fan, who apparently “kidnapped” Baby according to Baby’s fiance who was to marry Baby at the day of their crash.


Everything went back to normal until conflicts were happening, because Baby and Xu Yi Fan had feelings already for each other.  Xu Yi Fan and Baby’s fiance came to an agreement that Xu Yi Fan has to leave her for a half a year, kind of like a cool-off from a relationship, and only time will tell whether Baby chooses one of them.  Now that explains why Baby was crying at the beginning of the movie.  Xu Yi Fan’s best friend told her that he died from crashing while he was testing his latest glider.  That clearly explains that Baby chooses Xu Yi Fan over his fiance.  His fiance later marries Baby but after she says “Yes”, Xu Yi Fan came out of the sky and grabs her.  The end.

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This movie is like one of those Marvel movies where you must not leave the theaters after the post-credits.  The movie has several plot twists, leaving you talking to yourself and say “Oh, that’s how that happened!”.  As I’ve said earlier, this movie was like broken down to pieces and then strewn back together in different order.  Very well-made movie and it was cute and sweet too!  No wonder it was a hit when it was shown in Puchon Film Fest in China during Chinese Valentine’s Day.  I will say this through the words of my abuji / chingu in Soompi, bjharm: “Though she has many anti fans both in China and Korea, she is still the most widely know Korean working in China, thus making her perfect for a film that was meant to commemorate the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea.”

flying_with_you Flying_With_You-0001 tumblr_mdtkxiskxg1rlurdyo1_500_thumb

Photo credits: Jang Nara’s Website, Weibo and AsianWiki


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