5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Jang Nara’s “Oh! Happy Day”


Just finished watching this movie a while ago.. for the 3rd time.  And it still made me cry… of laughter.

Oh! Happy Day “오! 해피데이” (2003) is one of those movies that you have enjoyed on big screen and rent a DVD to enjoy it again afterwards.  I wasn’t aware of this movie back then when it was released, I just fully enjoyed this movie last year when I had the time.  Then I said to myself: Why didn’t I watch this before?  It was a really fun movie.  There are lots of scenes where drinking anything while watching is prohibited – You might spit it out if you can’t handle the laughter.  To add to the best of this movie, Jang Nara is in it.

c_01 c_02

Following Jang Nara’s success in her acting roles in 2001 (MBC sitcom New Nonstop) and in 2002 (SBS’s Successful Story of Bright Girl and MBC’s My Love Patzzi) she accepted her first ever movie role in Oh! Happy Day.  It was really good.  It was like all of her roles in TV dramas from 2001 to 2002 are portrayed there.

Reason 1: It is the pinnacle of Jang Nara’s comical acting.  Every comical acting that you’ve seen in her early dramas is in here.  She did all of her funny facial expressions here.

 c_04 b_01h_04 b_03

Also, you can actually hear how Jang Nara speaks Korean very fast.

Reason 2:  It has a simple story and easy to understand.  Simply put – it’s about a woman and a man who fell in love with each other because of complications.  The movie itself shows how destiny works.  There were some ups and downs.  There were times that you thought everything was okay, but then a problem suddenly comes up.

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OTP has no chemistry, but still reasonable.  Park Jung Chul is a good actor, and the role as a chaebol in this movie suits him very well because of his decent looks.  His expressions when he gets upset is really funny, which will get us to the next reason.

g_02 Oh_Happy_Day-0009 Oh_Happy_Day-0011 g_01

Of course, like any Korean movie or Korean drama, there’s a twist ending.  I’ll just leave that statement here.

Reason 3:  Very funny as hell!  I strictly prohibit you to drink any kind of liquid.  All of the scenes have unexpected and inappropriate surprises, which makes the movie itself funnier.

Oh_Happy_Day-0001 b_04Oh_Happy_Day-0004 b_05h_03Oh_Happy_Day-0005

Reason 4:  OSTs are really good.  They were made in the early 2000’s so it’s safe to say that they are included in the “real music” category.  And of course, all of the main OSTs are sung by Jang Nara.  The songs are very well-placed to certain scenes, especially the drama scene.

d_01 d_02


Reason 5:  This movie was the first movie review by Soompi.  That is enough reason to watch it.  If you don’t believe me, then see it for yourself.

pics cr: narajjang.com, AsianWiki, and Jang Nara DC


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