[GIFS] Jang Nara on BS11 Interview “Mr. Back” (+Video W/ Eng. Subs)

0ByjteJF_ztHudjlhY0toM3RwSTA 0ByjteJF_ztHudWdMS0hlRndPU2M 0ByjteJF_ztHuRnE1VTRqenFIaW8 0ByjteJF_ztHuT21NMTFWSTU3OGM 0ByjteJF_ztHuTE11RWZtUWxDQkk 0ByjteJF_ztHuUUFqTkdRV0h0NXc 0ByjteJF_ztHuVjVkUUlYUnM5Qnc 0ByjteJF_ztHuYnJkWmxmTUc0TEE 0ByjteJF_ztHuZGs1NDBtVVBiZ1k

Click each GIF to view full size~ 🙂

GIFs credit: Jang Nara DC

Video credit: Sweet Dream

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I am your average, friendly neighborhood ahjussi who posts everything about our Nara-ssi. :)
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