Why MBC’s “Old Goodbye” The Epitome Of All Korean Dramas?

If we talk about Snail Couple dramas, there are only three of them.  The first one was SBS’s “Successful Story of A Bright Girl” (2002), the second one was MBC’s “Fated To Love You” (2014) and the third one is MBC’s “Old Goodbye” which is what we will talk about.


Well, actually, “Old Goodbye” is not a drama series that we usually watch every week.  It is one of 10 one-act dramas of MBC Drama Festival.  What is MBC Drama Festival?  It is a series of one-act dramas that feature dramas by upcoming directors and writers as well as unconventional and experimental works.  It was broadcast from September 4 to December 7, 2014 every Sunday.  This series has 10 episodes, and “Old Goodbye” is the 6th one.

I’m not gonna post synopsis for this one, for “Old Goodbye” is an old drama (no pun intended) and many bloggers might have already posted synopsis or reviews for this drama.

I, for one, really love Snail Couple so much.  I’ve been a fan of this OTP since their first drama together, Successful Story of Bright Girl (SBS, 2002).  When I first saw Jang Nara, I immediately became an avid fan of hers.  And when I first saw Jang Hyuk, I thought he was really cool, I even copied his hairstyle back when I was in high school pretending to be a stubborn Han Ki Tae.  Even though Jang Nara can create chemistry to any male actors, I felt that Jang Hyuk is the one for her.  I didn’t even care about the age gap between them.


The question is why, of all the Korean love teams, was the Snail Couple chosen for one of the episodes of MBC Drama Festival?  Reason #1 of 65,536: The chemistry.  When these two are in one room together, nothing could go wrong.  Even if it feels wrong to them, it is still not wrong, if that makes any sense to you.  Reason #2:  These two are NOT close to each other.  One reason behind this might be the age gap, or because of Jang Hyuk being married already.  Why did I cite this as one of the reasons?  Because they act SO natural to each other – they acted like they’ve just met.  Being very conscious to each other is the key to successful acting.  Most of the time, two actors who are very close to each other do not work, they might create some laughing fits or something during filming.  The feeling becomes mutual and somewhat different when two actors are not close to each other, thus creating a very good chemistry.  Sometimes, being contrast to a person creates good chemistry.

Now we’re reaching the climax of this article.  Why is “Old Goodbye” the epitome of all Korean dramas?

Well, I have a confession to make.  I actually haven’t seen all of the episodes of the MBC Drama Festival.  But I would say that this drama is spot-on.  Let me describe a typical Korean drama with a variety of words: sad, a little bit funny, love, sweet, twist ending.  All of the words mentioned are in “Old Goodbye.”  The first 10 minutes of the drama already created a twist because of Chae Hee’s (Jang Nara) phantom camera that can make So Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) able to time-travel.  It is somewhat fantasy because of So Hyuk being stuck in time-slip events, but it also portraits the realism of life at the same time, because no matter what we do, we really can’t change everything in the past.  Memories are only created through photographs.  The drama seems to show the essence of a “moving photograph”.  No need to explain about how sweet this drama is, everything in this drama is sweet already.

The drama is very, very sad.  Like, “you’re-going-to-hell-if-you-did-not-cry” level of sadness. The saddest part is, it doesn’t even had a sad ending.  It left you hanging and thinking like what, did Chae Hee died?  Or did So Hyuk died and met a reincarnation of So Hyuk?  Or did they both die, and lived another life in another time?  The ending left me with my jaw dropped, and then smiled sadly after.  I found myself a discovery that humans tend to react like what I’ve reacted to this kind of drama.  The feeling is different from I’ve felt when I watch a Korean melodrama.

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Well, I think I’ve answered the question, and pretty much said everything about “Old Goodbye”.  You can buy a DVD of the whole 2014 MBC Drama festival to watch it or just watch it anywhere online. 🙂

You can check out other “Old Goodbye” pictures as well as BTS photos here.

pics cr: MBC Website


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