Jang Nara reaches 15,000 followers on Twitter!

2015030301062_17UPDATE: Our Nara-ssi has reached 15,000 followers as of today!  Jang Nara is a Korean actress who debuted as a singer in Korea in May 2, 2001 and has made a great amount of albums both in China and Korea, and been in numerous TV dramas and movies in China and Korea as well.

Jang Nara does not have any social networking sites other than Twitter (@narajjang318).  Her twitter is her only way of communicating with fans around the world.  Ever wondered as to why she has chosen a particular Twitter handle?  “narajjang” is her name, as well as the name of her fandom, and “318” is her birthday (March 18) which is very near! 🙂

You can follow her on her twitter to keep updated of her news updates.  She does not visit her twitter very often, though, because she is either very busy or taking a long rest. 🙂

pic cr: Chosun and SportsChosun


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I am your average, friendly neighborhood ahjussi who posts everything about our Nara-ssi. :)
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