[UPDATE] Jang Nara’s recent interview from Sina 2015.01.27 (English Trans.)

First of all, a very big thanks to anopinion who translated this for us. 🙂
Q: The ratings for the two dramas you did last year in Korea, Fated to Love You and Mr. Back were quite good, can you tell us more about them?
Fated to Love You is a story about two people who meet under unusual circumstances and go on to know each other, eventually marrying each other. It’s a good story. Mr. Back talks about an old man who had the opportunity to go back to his 30s. It’s an interesting story about that and also how he met his love.
Q: How was it working with Jang Hyuk and Shin Ha-kyun? What were the differences in their acting and personalities?
I didn’t feel that they were very different. The two of them are both good at acting and have very kind personalities.
Q: Congratulations on receiving 3 awards at the MBC Drama Awards. Will you be focusing on activities in Korea or China in the future?
It’s not confirmed yet, but no matter where it is, the more important thing is that I get to participate in good projects.
Q: You’ve recently celebrated your 5000th day of debut. Can you summarize your acting career thus far?
I didn’t even realise that it has been more than 5000 days since my debut. I’m really surprised. In all, now that 5000 days have passed, I’m at a new point in my career and there are new challenges to face and I have to be prepared for that. When I’m acting in China, a lot of people call me teacher, and that makes me embarassed. In Korea, only the really experienced seniors are called teachers, and usually you have to be more than 40 years old for that. Perhaps it is a difference between our cultures.
Q: What is your plan for the year? What upcoming activities do you have in China?
I’m currently reviewing scripts. Nothing has been confirmed yet for activities in China. I was in discussions for a drama a while ago, but it’s not confirmed yet, so I can’t reveal much.
Q: Which Chinese star do you wish to work with?
I hope that I can act with my co-star Gao Hao in Diao Man Qiao Yu Yi again. He is really good at acting, he respects people and is really polite. I think he’s the best I have met among the Chinese male actors.
Q: What are your secrets to maintaining your youthful face?
I don’t think that I’m baby-faced. The key thing is to work hard in life.
Q: Do you worry that your roles will be limited because of your cute appearance?
I used to feel that way, but not so anymore.
Q: Do you like to stay at home or go out when you’re taking a break?
I like to stay at home, it’s more comfortable for me. I’ve been trying to go out more lately, but my hobbies such as reading manhwa and doing make-up are more of the stay-at-home type of leisure activities. So I do spend more time at home.
Q: What is your ideal type?
I think he should be healthy and kind. I think it’ll be hard to find one if my expectations are too high.
Q: Do you value appearance more than anything else when looking for a partner?
No, I think I’m too old for that.
Q: Do you strike first when you meet someone you love or do you wait for a confession?
I think confessing first is difficult.
Q: Have you wooed a guy before?
No, but I confessed to someone before and I succeeded.
Q: When do you plan to get married and have kids?
I think I have to get married before 37 to have kids before 40.
Q: Do you have someone in mind right now?
Right now, no.
Q: There are a lot of Korean actresses marrying Chinese man recently. Do you think that is a possibility for you?
I really don’t know, but I haven’t met anyone after working with so many Chinese stars.
The next set of questions are about old news that we already know.
credit: Sina

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