[UPDATE] Netizens’ good reactions about Jang Nara’s resting days in China #JangNara #张娜拉 #장나라

(google translated from Korean)

Jang Nara has unveiled the present condition in China. Jang was riding would hang “ice sledge on Twitter January 26. Mom was hyanghwa, stylists night. Itdapnida resting comfortably in China. Watch out cold, “posted a picture with the article called. Jang is doing in the photo fun while riding a sled in the frozen river ice. In particular, comfortable attire Jang has demonstrated an unwavering beauty while. netizens are facing this photo, “Jang cute”, “Where are the Chinese?”, “Jang attractive”, “Jang Nara’s a while I”, “Not long ago, the debut 5000 days Congratulations “,” Is there ice sledge having fun? I’d love to see another “and responded. Meanwhile Jang is celebrated debut last January 9th 5000 days. Jang won including last December 30, 2014 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul MBC mini-series 2014 MBC Drama Awards in advanced sectors woman at office building on the best smoke, Best Couple Award, Women popularity award. (Photo: Jang Twitter)

SOURCE: http://news.nate.com/view/20150127n08066


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