Fated To Love You to be aired in Philippines on Monday 01-26-2015 #FTLY #JangNara #JangHyuk


At long last! 😀

After a two-month long delay since the announcement of ABS CBN channel 2 (One of Philippines’ largest local channels) to air Tagalog-dubbed Korean Drama “Fated To Love You” (2014), fans of Snail Couple had their waits worthy.  Announcing big from ABS CBN with the tagline “The first Koreanovela of 2015”, they will finally air the said drama on Monday at 4 P.M. back to back with a Filipino drama entitled “Bagito”.  However, FTLY fans wanted it to air at primetime which is at night, 10 P.M. so everyone can watch.


Fated To Love You has become Nationwide Trending (Philippines) at top 8.

Jang Nara’s character (Kim Mi Young) will be changed to Michelle Kim and Jang Hyuk’s character (Lee Gun) will be changed to Ron Lee.  According to the trailer, Se Ra’s name will still be Se Ra and Daniel Pitt will be Daniel also.

Nonetheless, we will keep the fans updated about the airing of Korean Drama.  We will be posting screenshots as well for those who hasn’t seen this drama.  Fighting, Narajjangs! 🙂

This is the full trailer for Fated To Love You:

And this is the Fated To Love You trailer for Jang Nara.

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  1. Drama Fan says:

    Yayyyyy for you guys

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