Jang Nara’s Appearance in A 1998 Unnamed Korean Drama #JangNara #장나라

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I may not give the exact information on this one, since I’m relying painfully on google translate here.  Looks like people from DC people are still researching for this.  Deciphering through the broken English of Google Translate, this is a 1998 drama and no, this is not where she debuted.  I think she was not credited in this drama.  She has no interest in the industry back then.  A producer then discovered Nara-ssi in this drama and lets her sing the jingle for this chocolate CF…


… and there, her talent in singing was discovered by SM Entertainment, saying it was too good for her to pass in SM.  She left SM (due to assumptions that she would have lesser or no popularity than the other competing artists) and talked to the actor/producer Lee Sang Woo.


I think he was the one who produced Nara-ssi’s song entitled “Bury My Face With Tears” which debuted in her first day of career, May 2, 2001. (FUN FACT: May 2 is my birthday.  Nara-ssi and me are connected in some way.) 😀
pics cr: DC Inside
information cr: Jang Nara RigVeda Wiki via DC Inside

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