Jang Nara in 2002 Drama “My Love Patzzi” #JangNara #장나라 #张娜拉

“My Love Patzzi” – an MBC’s 10-episode Korean drama with a weird ending.  An interesting drama, I would categorize this as “sitdrama” (situational drama) because the whole drama took place in an amusement center.  I would personally ship for Kim Rae Won and Nara-ssi for this drama, for they always argue with each other.  This is the drama that introduced me to Nara-ssi’s K-pop world.  I didn’t know Nara-ssi was a singer back then until I watched this because of the drama’s OST, “Sweet Dream.”  I once watched a Nara-ssi interview and she stated that she, Kim Rae Won and Kim Jae Won are best of friends, so they did not have trouble talking with each other and filming together.  Nonetheless, it’s a good drama.  It was aired in our country as “My Love Cindy”, and it has bad ratings because of the popularity of Japanese Anime’s. 😀


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