[COLLECTION] #JangNara in her wedding gown :) PART 1 #장나라 #张娜拉

3672767850_f0f18d63_b08b246569264c0f0830437a71fee42e  3672767850_c54f7e73_a7d5e1684519c995448e41f2aa98860e 3672767850_c1ef6bbb_25C025B67E2 3672767850_b76c8d12_25C025B67E3 3672767850_b020ae40_25C025B67E2 3672767850_50258cb4_13-10-3 3672767850_1724d52e_25C025B67Es2 3672767850_577deb6b_25C025B67E1 3672767850_48d8c213_25C025B67E2 3672767850_27dce8d1_4f579268d92160471aba68ebe130d487 3672767850_7cc09b9d_024 3672767850_6f0456bf_25C025B67Ed1 3672767850_6c6dd18e_881447c3b2bad477bd9c343614c6db27 3672767850_5f920c37_5c11acb6d4cbbb4fe940193d3afebed7 3672767850_5d9c9009_05 3672767850_4d7730b5_25C025B67E1 3672767850_2a20d853_e9e6dc17a1737293df73444afbf3d937 3536814188_812f2545_25C025B67Ed1 3536814188_04f8f00c_25C025B67E3 3077265743_65ff715a_67E3


Please click each picture to view full size~ 😀

cr: rightful owners


About HanKiTae

I am your average, friendly neighborhood ahjussi who posts everything about our Nara-ssi. :)
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