[ARTICLE] Why is my favorite #JangNara drama “Successful Story Of A Bright Girl”?

Just finished watching SSOBG EP.1, watching it for the 4th time.  This is the drama that started my “Naraspark”… In our country at that time when it was aired (2003), Chinese dramas (dubbed in our language) were in the peak of fame.  I became addicted to Asian dramas.  When one of our local channels aired SSOBG and they said that it is a Korean drama, I became so curious as to what Korean dramas may bring, and what difference did they take between Korean and Chinese drama.  Then I saw Nara-ssi.. I remembered like it was love at first sight.  I liked her so much at that point on, thinking that there was such a girl that was so cute.  I searched for pictures of her on the internet and collected them as much as I can (internet was scarce in our country at that time).  SSOBG was so phenomenal, because soon some of our local channels started airing Korean dramas as well.  I had troubles following her dramas since we barely had internet back then, it was the only way to watch her other dramas.  I had to admit, after “My Bratty Princess” was aired, I stopped watching Asian dramas and moved to anime, , and never discovered her other dramas such as Wedding, BBFB and Hakgyo 2013.  When I saw FTLY, that “Naraspark” came back.  I was like WOW! They reunited!!  Then I watched that drama, along with other Nara-ssi dramas that I missed.

It was only then that I watched SSOBG for the second time, and watched it again after I finished it.   I thought that SSOBG was so magical, watching JH and Nara-ssi in an old drama.  While I was watching SSOBG again, I was thinking “Wow, this two are really going to hit big on FTLY.” I am looking at them together at SSOBG and I’m still amazed at them, like wow.  That is why I voted Jang Hyuk and Nara-ssi at MBC Drama Awards 2014 for best couple.  These two are the best OTP for me, and will ever be.~ 🙂
Here are BTS pictures and some scenes from Successful Story Of A Bright Girl!~ 😀
988749899_2f5d9159 988749899_4a21c6bf 988749899_50038a17988749899_7ad07f35 988749899_26ede941  988749899_62d848de 988749899_83a18d83 988749899_88e83a27 988749899_102cbb16 988749899_34fc321e 988749899_0856c7d1 988749899_989c34a7 988749899_16015ef8  988749899_3818234a 988749899_366c2bbb 988749899_bb277d77 988749899_bdd947b3  988749899_df28caf0 988749899_ee174ea0988749899_f2f0761c988749899_f5c86622988749899_dc92eada 988749899_64715473
pictures cr: DC Inside

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