Jang Nara’s Character Popularity Poll by DC Inside (as of December 22, 2014)

(Total votes: 433)
We can see clearly that Nara-ssi as Kim Mi Young is the most popular role.
Kim Mi Young (Fated To Love You) = 77%
Seonsangnim Jung In Jae (School 2013) = 39%
Chae Hee (Old Goodbye) = 33%
Jang Nara (NNStop) = 29%
Lee So Young (Baby Faced Beauty) = 26%
Eun Ha Soo (Mr. Back) = 25%
Lee Se Na (Wedding) = 24%
Cha Yang Soon (Successful Story Of A Bright Girl) = 21%
Si Tu Jing (My Bratty Princess) = 17%
Yang Song Yee (My Love Patzzi) = 4%
Jin Bo Ra (Love Is All Around) = 0%
No love for Love Is All Around, that is a good drama actually~ 😦
cr: DC Inside
As for me, I would vote for Kim Mi Young -ssi.  Because Nara-ssi took about 2 roles at once.  The “post-it girl” and then shift to glamorous Ellie Kim.  I would say that she did the best in that drama. 🙂

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