Why Is Jang Nara Not Aging? My Article Explains Why~ ♥


Hello everyone!  I’m here to formulate my theory that explains how our Nara-shii is the perfect performer and entertainer, and why our Nara-shii doesn’t seem to age at all.



Welcome to the first section of this article.  Here in this part, we will look into information and see who Jang Nara is then we will formulate a thesis as to why we go gaga over Nara-shii.


  • Name: 장나라 / Jang Na Ra
  • Nicknames: Jang Nan Han Ya and Tweety
  • Chinese name: 张娜拉 / Zhang Na La
  • Profession: Actress and singer
  • Birthdate: 1981-Mar-18 (age 33)
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Star sign: Pisces
  • Blood type: A
  • Family: Father/actor Ju Ho Seong (주호성), older brother/actor Jang Sung Won (장성원), and cousin/singer Jeong Jae Yeon (정재연)
  • Talent agency: Pure Entertainment

Now, those were pretty much valuable information that we will get from Nara-shii.  Beyond that, we are informed that she is an active artist in both Korea and China.  She is like living two lives.  In Korea, she debuted as a singer-turned-actress, so most of Koreans knew that she is a singer.  In China, she debuted as an actress-turned-singer.


She starred in a great amount of TV dramas and movies, both in Korea and China.  She travelled back and forth these countries to shoot a couple of dramas and movies and even TV commercials.  She barely had to time to rest, eat or sleep.


Since she originated from Korea, we start with the information about her being a singer.  That is, because she started in the entertainment industry as a singer.



Wow, you really did not know that she signed up at SM Entertainment, the same entertainment agency where top Korean groups EXO, Girls Generation, Super Junior and f(x) are working under it, did you??  Well, she trained there for a bit in 2001 but SM Entertainment dropped her off due to assumptions that she would have lesser or no popularity than the other competing artists.  Keep in mind that these entertainment agencies have to make money, and they need artists with striking appearances.  Our Nara-shii doesn’t seem to fit the bill.


What did she do?  Well, she did not quit.  She entered entertainment world by being an actress, and starred in Korean sitcom “New Nonstop”, it’s a special TV show because it is a show where every famous Korean singers and actors that you know started here.  And Jang Nara was included in it.  Many has praised her good acting and it was a good chance to release her first album, “First Story”.  Koreans, too, praised her singing voice, even comparing it to Britney Spears.


She produced a great amount of studio albums too, mind you, in Korean and Chinese.  She balanced everything out, making albums and making tv dramas, a few movies, lots of TV commercials, charity works and even some guestings, making her one of the busiest entertainers in the whole of Korea.  She was also been made Korean ambassador to other countries like Switzerland, and sang “Sweet Dream” there.  While she gained popularity in China, she then started singing Chinese songs, including a song entitled “Kung Fu”, where there was a music video where she was wearing a red qipao fighting villains alongside a cute panda.  Oh, before I forget, every TV drama or movie that she starred in, she sang some OST songs.  Heh.  Made me chuckle a bit there.  She was literally a machine that does not stop entertaining anytime, anywhere.


Nara-shii fighting off Chun Li’s lawyers after a long vocal fight regarding copyright infringements.


It was her voice.  Her cute, cute voice.  It was praised by many fans, making her make more songs and sing more.  Her voice was so perfect and suitable to her appearance.

She never stopped singing, until she revealed in 13th episode of Healing Camp that she had severe anxiety disorder, and one time when she was performing live, she started feeling like she was choking and became uncomfortable.  I think that was in 2012, when she stopped making songs.  She surprised us when she came back to singing in 2014, singing a ballad OST song to her current drama Mr. Back.  Well I really hope she will start making albums when she has the time.


As I’ve said earlier, she debuted as an singer in Korea and as an actress in China.  She started as an actress by starring in a Korean sitcom “New Nonstop”, where many recognized her cuteness.  She had great amounts of TV dramas and movies both in Korean and Chinese.  How did she managed that?  She revealed that she was speaking Korean while shooting Chinese drama “My Bratty Princess” and her Korean words must have the same length as the Chinese translation.  She did that in a number of Chinese dramas, except when she starred in the 2012 Chinese movie “Flying With You”, she was really speaking in Mandarin, but since she wasn’t really that fluent, she was speaking slower than how the Chinese actors speak.


She really enjoyed filming in China and there was never a time that she got bored.

In Korea, she rose to sky-high fame when she starred in 2002 Korean drama “Successful Story of A Bright Girl” together with actor Jang Hyuk, and these two stroke the hearts of many people saying that they really suit to each other, and made them star again in 2014 Korean drama “Fated To Love You” and one-act drama “Old Goodbye” after 12 years.


“Nara-shii wishing for another Snail Couple drama in the next 12 years. Therefore, the next one will be in 2026.”

Is her baby face feature contributed to her for being a perfect actress?  Upon first glance, our Nara-shii is baby-faced, therefore she looks “innocent”.


“I’m innocent.  I did not kill anybody.”


The explanation as to why she is the perfect actress in the whole of Korea (might be in the whole world) comes here:  “Because of her innocent looks.”  Why is that?  Looking innocent has many advantages to many other emotions.  They can laugh, cry, get angry, anxious, frightened, and many other emotions so easily.  She really makes sure that we, the audience, will laugh with her or cry with her.

When our Nara-shii acts in a drama, she really does it with full of efforts.  She mentioned in her interview in 13th episode of Healing Camp that the audience will be able to tell what she is feeling just by looking at her eyes.  Her eyes alone can tell what she is feeling.  She demonstrated it in Healing Camp and showed her “acting eyes” ability.  Right there she told the actor a good bye act, but you can see it in her eyes that she wanted the actor back with her.


The one thing that comes to our minds when we see her.  Yes, you’re right.  It’s “baby face”.

Let’s look at this deeply so we can discuss some unexplainable stuff behind this mystery.  For now, we look at the phrase “baby face” and its structure.  We also look at why we mention this phrase.

ba·by face


noun: baby face; noun: babyface

  1. a smooth round face like a baby’s.


Usually when people say someone has a baby face, it’s probably because their facial features look very young. Some can have very round, sorta chubby cheeks and really smooth looking skin. They could also probably have a roundish or small face, since people are used to seeing a fully matured adult having a longer, toned face. This isn’t a bad thing at all, and it can be a compliment meaning that you look very young. It could be beneficial in the future.


Baby face can also be defined as “face of someone who maintained his/her facial appearance for 10 to 20 years”  Some people has their facial features from what they’ve been when they were young, hence they were called baby-faced.  Let’s look at our Nara-shii’s face to further understand the phrase.


“Omo~ I’m not sure if I’m 33 or 21 years old, I actually lost count.”

In the picture we can see that our Nara-shii has big eyes (those were big eyes for a Korean), small mouth, pointy nose and smooth skin.  She had those features since her 20s up to now.


Of course, being called a “baby-face” is a good thing.  People tend to be fond of you, they care so much for you and they don’t want you to get hurt anywhere.  It’s the best asset for a person, and it’s one of the first impressions seen from other people.  People tend to fall in love more on a baby-faced person.  People get confused at a baby-faced person’s age, thinking that he/she is younger than the other.  People leave the baby-faced persons in the house to rest and do nothing.


Sometimes, being a baby-faced person sucks.  People boss you around, thinking you are younger than them.  They leave you the rest of other people’s works, because being younger means stronger than older people.  Other people make you the scapegoat, they do something wrong and putting all the blame on you.



Five years to normal humans is five days to Nara-shii.

After months of my research, bioligical testing and technology knick-knack-digging, I still do not know the meaning behind all of this.  However, I’ve come up with a theory that explains as to why our Nara-shii doesn’t seem to age.  The verdict:  Her innocent looks.  Nope, she is not an alien or a time-traveller.  Besides her extreme use of facial cosmetics, eating healthy green plants and drinking the tea extracted from the most sacred leaf from the Tree of Life, her face managed to stay the same as she grows old.  Actually, no, no explanations at all.  Okay, she is a Goddess. ♥




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5 Responses to Why Is Jang Nara Not Aging? My Article Explains Why~ ♥

  1. fina says:

    Jang Nara sii is a goddess (she’s naturally beautiful)..she’s a great actress and also has kind,lovely,cute personality.Wish her always sucess in her career&life 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LiLI says:

    Her baby faced comes with her state of mind, innocence ( “PURE” ) Have anybody dare to asked that question?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. DramaMan says:

    She melts my heart. I am late to the Jang Na Ra show. I saw her first in ‘Fated to Love You’, but I fell head over heals. I personally LOVED her in ‘Fated to Love You’ BEFORE her transformation. Her sweet, diminutive, innocent mousey personality wearing those glasses…she melted my heart. Then I saw ‘Sky and Ocean’. I’m like…words can’t explain this woman’s adoreable factor. She’s 35 now and every bit as beautiful and sweet looking. I’ve watched ‘I Remember Now’ and some of ‘One More Happy Ending’ – haven’t finished yet. This is a grown woman!! Indeed so far she hasn’t caught up with her. That isn’t too amazing. There are so many Korean actresses that look so incredible 40, 50 years old! But none as amazing as Jang Na Ra.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Vie Cilic says:

    Soo true! Other stars may come and go but Nara’s starsdom remain shining!


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